Happy Trollidays


The Lexus December to Remember holiday campaign has existed almost as long as the brand itself. Its unforgettable jingle and bow make it a holiday classic. In recent years, however, the campaign has fallen victim to Internet trolls. They troll everything from the jingle to the bow to the idea of people
getting a Lexus as a gift.


So this year, we decided to turn naughty into nice by trolling our trolls. We took the meanest tweets we could find and filmed dozens of response videos. We responded directly to our trolls, and incentivized them to retweet in the name of charity. For each retweet our videos got, we donated $50 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. They applauded us, retweeted us and helped us spread some holiday cheer.


8 million impressions.
$82,150 raised for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
Finalist at the Shorty's

Client: Lexus Role: Creative Director