Beauty & The Beast

The most anticipated film release of 2017 brought to live-action a beloved film from the Disney Renaissance. Beauty And The Beast and Neutrogena wanted to come together for a unique partnership. We devised a collaboration between Neutrogena Cosmetics and the film—creating three makeup looks based on the characters Belle and Plumette. A social campaign of how-to videos teased the makeup looks and drove to site where Beauty And The Beast fans could learn how to create the looks and get a free ticket to the movie through Fandango after they purchased cosmetics in store. Borrowing iconic objects from the film, like the red rose and glass cloche, we created imagery with photography studio Tiger Tiger that blended the clean, contemporary look of Neutrogena with the whimsical and rich-looking world of the film. Take a look, and get the look!

Date: March 2017 Client: Neutrogena Cosmetics Role: Creative Director